Stephen J is a Canadian luxury, artisan hair care and lifestyle brand founded in Calgary in 2019 by Stephen James, with the hope of changing the perspective and habits of the beauty and fashion industry.

Stephen J is challenging the industry and adopters to view hair as a persona, a reflection of ones ambitions and a true narrative of oneself through self acceptance, coining the phrase LET HAIR BE HAIR.

Our goal is to design formulations using the most beneficial and healthy ingredients. The belief is to change the perspective of plant-based products and show the power that authentic emotions and thoughtful design can bring to a noise filled industry.

Our team believes that adding products to an industry should be done with care and not filling shelves with new ideas unless they are transformative and healthy in their approach.

Our products are a perfect coming-together of customer, hair stylist, passion, and dedication.

We believe that through our constant efforts in creating products engineered by plants and our passion for helping the industry, we can make a meaningful change and a timeless affect in peoples lives.