Unearthed Beauty: Stephen J - Matte Paste "From Hairspray Challenges to Innovative Solutions"

Unearthed Beauty: Stephen J - Matte Paste "From Hairspray Challenges to Innovative Solutions"

By Stephen J


Stephen J- Matte Paste was innovatively conceived as "hairspray in a jar." This idea emerged from the practical challenges Stephen James faced during editorial photoshoots. The frequent use of hairspray, coupled with the inability to wash and reset hairstyles for different looks, led to the desire for a more versatile product. Stephen aimed to create a hair paste with the hold and restructuring abilities of hairspray, which could be easily manipulated by adding water and blow-drying. 

The formulation and design, draws visual inspiration from the formidable strength and endurance of the Rocky Mountains. This majestic mountain range, known for its towering peaks and resilience, symbolizes the robustness and lasting power that Stephen J - Matte Paste sought to imbue in this hair styling product. The idea was to create a paste that not only holds the hairstyle firmly in place, similar to the steadfastness of these mountains, but also retains its effectiveness throughout various environmental conditions and over extended periods.

A few reasons why people would like a hair paste for styling:

  1. Strong Hold: Hair pastes typically provide a strong hold, making them suitable for a variety of hairstyles, from casual tousled looks to more structured styles. This hold is usually flexible, allowing for adjustments throughout the day. From our formulation to our inspiration, Stephen J - Matte Paste has a high hold component to the finishing in your hair. LOTS OF HOLD!

  2. Matte to Semi-Matte Finish: Unlike gels or pomades that can leave hair looking shiny, pastes often offer a natural, matte to semi-matte finish. This makes them ideal for those who prefer a more understated, non-greasy appearance. Stephen J - Matte Paste has a finish that is true to the tone of someone hair, giving your hair a natural finish. 

  3. Texturizing Ability: Pastes are excellent for adding texture to hair. They can define layers, enhance waves, or create a piecey look, which is particularly effective for short to medium-length hair. Stephen J - Matte Paste is amazing for giving texture to the hair with is properties that give the hair volume and dimension.  

With our commitment to formulating products that are "engineered by plants" we innovated by the use of arrowroot powder. Arrowroot powder, a natural and lightweight ingredient, is renowned for its moisture-absorbing properties. Its inclusion in Stephen J - Matte Paste aids your styling with exceptional ability to keep the hair looking and feeling dry for over 24 hours. This feature is particularly significant for those needing a reliable hold throughout long days or in humid conditions, where traditional hair pastes might falter. 

The focus on plant-based ingredients, including arrowroot powder, further underscores the commitment to a natural approach in hair care, distinguishing Stephen J's Matte Paste as a forward-thinking product in the evolving landscape of hair styling solutions.